How is Samsung TV at the forefront of TV technology?

How is Samsung TV at the forefront of TV technology?

Samsung, a Korean the based conglomerate, is one among the foremost successful companies thriving today and one among its highly acclaimed subsidiaries is that Samsung Electronics, the maker of world-renowned Samsung televisions. And within the third quarter of 2009, Samsung had a 23 percent market share of the tv market.

Samsung was a corporation that didn't initially manufacture television sets. it had been only within the early 70s when European and American manufacturers shared their technology to the corporate for the rights to sell TVs in Korea, did Samsung look closely at the market and decided to launch their own TV. Samsung designed their first TV, a black and white set, in 1970 and produced it in 1972 for domestic sale, by 1976, there have been a million black and white Samsung televisions produced. Barely two years after, that number increased to 4 million, the foremost that any manufacturer produced. 1977 was the year Samsung decided to manufacture color television sets and at an equivalent time, inspired by their domestic success, market their TV products everywhere in Asia.

From then on, Samsung has become a household name worldwide, not just for their TVs, but also for his or her other electronic products, and this is often due to its various innovative advancements in their products. for instance, in 1995, the primary 33-inch double screen TV was introduced, and it had been one among the Samsung televisions.  From 1998, Samsung continued to be at the forefront in sales and television development. that very same year came the introduction of flat-screen Samsung television and therefore the first line of digital television sets within the planet. Other noteworthy and memorable developments from Samsung include the discharge of the thinnest TV in 2002, and in 2006, the primary LCD screen was double-sided.

Today, Samsung televisions are highly regarded within the US market and therefore the brand is ranked first within the US marketplace for Digital TV, a recognition it's held for 4 consecutive years. And with different models to settle on from, there's a Samsung TV for everybody. With the winning combination of superb output image quality, energy efficiency, and stunning design, there's a Samsung TV perfect for each home.

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